Make your archive in the cloud

Think about neverending space, back-ups on three continents, and easy access through browser.

Automated process

After you launch it - you can forget about any maintenance, everything goes seamlessly

Web-based access

Wherever you are, you can access your archives remotely through web-browser

Multiple sources

You can eaisly archive multiple channels of your radio and switch between them

Easy cut-outs

Freezer allows you to easily find whatever you need, cut it out and proceed working with that material

Royalty reports

Statistics reports (in adjustable format) about how many times certain song was broadcasted

Stream wellness monitoring

Receive reports in case of some suspicious silence, extreme loudness or other unwanted events

How it works

Many pepole from the industry call it a "Spy". However for most of the people - "Freezer" is a lot more useful.

It's a reversed mode of broadcast - it records everything that your stream contains. And by everything we don't mean only "every second". It's a lot more than that!

Freezer records all the metadata, events from mixing boards and whatever you need for creating reports that you consider useful: either for the purpose of technical monitoring or for royalty associations or government reporting.

And it's a cloud solution with all its benefits - neither you don't have to be in your studio, to check what's going on at the moment; nor you have to be in your office, to work on royalties reports. Work from a cafe and be as much effective.

Now a tasty techtalk

Your anteena & waves was never so close to clouds.

EBU R128

K-weighted Loudness Units can be your native measurment method and R128 a benchmark for your levels

Metadata preservation

It doesn't just record the audiofile - it saves all metadata that comes with it

Configurable notifications

Get notified whenever there's something wrong your broadcast


Various numbers and different ways of looking at them helps you monitor the stream "your way"

Reports for third parties

Either for royalties associations or government purposes - prepare it once and let it roll by itself

Perfect labelling and views

Thanks to convenient design - it's easy to find what you're looking for and quickly proceed with the content

Use cases:


The only truly jazz radio in Poland

RadioJazzFM is a Warsaw based internet community radio that is focused on Polish jazz heritage.

RadioKit software provides them with the ability to connect live broadcast from different places, like concert venues, DJ's homes and of course their studio and fullfil the gaps with automated playlist or scheduled broadcasts.


FM Radio for Lemko minority

Only community radio for Lemko people, operating in FM & DAB+. One of our oldest clients that we support for 8 years now..

They use our Horn, to mangage broadcasts from multiple places and schedule multiple programs for people on the other side of the globe.

On top of that - we built hardware for processing FM signal for them.

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