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On-demand shows are definitely the future of all media

Easy management

Chronicle allows you to manage your shows in a clear and simple manner


Two types of users - admins & editors - let all of you editorial board to work together

Social media

By default Chronicle is integrated with main social medias, to share podcasts with the audience

Royalty free

You don't have to worry about legal issues - it's all covered with few simple rules.

No hosting/servers required

Chronicle is a cloud service - you don't need any additional hosting or servers

Second life

Podcasting gives second life to your live shows and let them gather audience forever

How it works

Chronicle is designed to be as simple as possible

Publishing a shows take only 3 steps: description, file upload and timestamping a show. And it's done - show lands in proper place on the website.

Architecture allows you to have unlimited series of podcasts, which can be moderate by particular or multiple editors. All the episodes of all series are searchable with filters according to their tags

Royalties are covered if you follow two simple rules - do not share single tracks, do not share whole albums. Third rule is for US:
particular show can contain:
maximum 4 tracks by an artist (and max 3 consecutively); maximum 3 tracks from an album (and max 2 consecutively)

Now a tasty techtalk

CMS for Radio - that's what it is. Like Wordpress, but for audio content

Designed upon React.JS

technology created by facebook for the best user experience possible

Web-browser timestamp editor

Audio file is scanned on-the-fly and served you as waveform in the browser

User management

Your editor users will have only access to their assigned show - there can't make any mistakes


Staff panel is clear and logic - there is no confusing functions that no ones knows what to do with

Google Apps integration ready

Integration with Google Apps, helps you track your audience behaviours or promote each podcasts with AdWords


Basic version can be developed to a fully-independent radio website with radio streams and additional menus

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