Icecast is a streaming media server.

However Icecast is quite simple to use, we found that hosting Icecast Server seems to be overwhelming for many peoples. It is a snap for us, so we decided to help You - we'll setup everything for you and explain you how to start streaming.


Our Advantages


Test period

You can test us for 30 days trial period for free and see if You and your listeners are satisfied. No strings attached - why not give it a try??



Our servers runs on port 80, so stream will be able to traverse firewalls. Our cluster is located in many datacenters.



In this simple plan you are able to have up to 500 simulatenous listeners at 192kbps bitrate (or 300 listeners with 320kbps).


Easy payments

We're flexible with payments - You can pay us either by PayPal or a wire transfer. One year in advance payment = 10% discount.

If you need an Icecast stream hosting - let us know

It costs 10 euros per month up to 500 simultanous listeners.

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