Hello, I'm RadioKit Engine. I am the heart of the whole organism

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I am a set of cloud components for agile development of tailored radio & audio apps

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Remote control


Custom web-based tools


  • Glue

    If you need a piece of code interconnecting software & hardware, here it is. Build your own components on top of ours or take advantage of growing list of predefined connectors.

  • Automation

    Need to automate certain operations? No problem, we have set of components that are easy to script.

  • Remote control

    Need a tool that allows you to remotely control pieces of your radio station via remote desktop? Wait, regular web browser or smartphone?

    What's hard with standalone windows software becomes trivial in web-based solutions. Think: online collaboration in Word 95 vs Google Docs. We are Google Docs.

  • Custom web-based tools

    Need to build a radio website? Your own podcasting platform? Audiobooks store?

    With RadioKit it will become as trivial as programming an interface. All backend will be delivered by us. Leave programming the hard stuff, browser compatibility and scaling to us. Focus on what your users see & hear.


  • Designed, not forced to integrate

    No more euphemisms about “integration built into DNA” that end up in writing nasty & expensive hacks.

    Our interface is built on top of open standards that successfully power the modern web and turns integration into a joy: REST APIs, HTTP & WebSockets, JSON, HTML5, Node.JS.

    Integration is a starting point for us, not an extra line on the bill.

  • Multi-
    by default

    While your FM/DAB+ broadcast is probably still the core of your activities, you can’t deny that new opportunities emerge mostly in the online world.

    People behind RadioKit don’t remember the world without the Internet. We are digital natives making radio tools for other digital natives.

    Beat this with hardware.

  • Gentle to users habits

    We are not dreamers. We know that you are not going to throw away all your well-tested devices and applications and replace them with RadioKit. We know how hard is to change users habits.

    So we don’t plan to do this. Instead, we are are building a technology that is so elastic, that you can even try to reimplement your 20-years old beloved playout software in the web browser.

  • Affordable

    Software development is complicated and expensive. The whole concept of modularity of the Engine is backed by real need to cut down development costs.

    We achieve this by re-using existing components as much as we can. They are designed with this idea in mind, so it’s more like “solving a puzzle” than “hacking”.

    You don’t have to be a corporation any more to be bale to afford tailored software.

Use cases:


Expert-curated channels for dance music fans

Traxibes runs a platform of 22 channels, containing music curated by professional DJs from all around the world.

RadioKit Horn allows them to manage all the scheduled broadcasts, generate all the streams, and automatically fetch iTunes links for all the music tracks


The only truly jazz radio in Poland

RadioJazzFM is a Warsaw based internet community radio that is focused on Polish jazz heritage.

RadioKit software provides them with the ability to connect live broadcast from different places, like concert venues, DJ's homes and of course their studio and fullfil the gaps with automated playlist or scheduled broadcasts.


FM Radio for Lemko minority

Only community radio for Lemko people, operating in FM & DAB+. One of our oldest clients that we support for 8 years now..

They use our Horn, to mangage broadcasts from multiple places and schedule multiple programs for people on the other side of the globe.

On top of that - we built hardware for processing FM signal for them.


Legendary community radio from Zurich

This is really a specific use case of our systems: Create 75 streaming channels in two qualities each, i.e. 150 channels.

Besides curated channels on specific genres, each host has its own channel, with the option to go live and manage its playlist completely independently

Launching soon! (September 2017)


Koper’s only alternative space now with a radio

Indeplatforma is unoffcial group of young people from Koper, Slovenia that squatted abandon factory in the city and created the only space for independent culture in the region.


Balkan’s No.1 Funk radio

RadioNula is the number one distributor of funky sounds in the Balkans. Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia they have established themselves as a go to place for everyone who enjoys HipHop culture.

Tychy Aquapark

Underwater standalone playout systems

This is quite unusual use case of our systems - streaming content to underwater speakers. However, we were happy about this project as it shows the wide variety of situations were are systems can prove quite usefull.

In this case our job was to deliver a complex longlasting software & hardware solution that works out of the box.

(Aquapark is still in construction)

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