Have you encoutered format incompatibilites between software you use?

Think about one place that will help your workflow overcome established format standards

All processes in one place

What you do now to prepare files before you broadcast it? Do you use different tools for it?

Define it your way

Depot does not impose new habits on you - it's made to adjust to your habits and improve its effectiveness

Radio-specific tools

Depot is desinged for radio workflow, and doesn't contain unnecessary functions that are useless for radio

Ready for the Cloud?

If you think this type of software is too slow in the cloud - well... times has changed

How it works

Depot lets you define your needs once, no need to repeat yourself everyday

Every radio is different and uses variety of tools. Systems are not always working perfectly with each other, so one always need to navigate around it.

Depot is created to glue all of the software you use together. Use it as a home base for all your files - prepare them for their journey, and forget about daily repetitive tasks, that machine could do "if it was just a bit smarter"

They've just became.

Now a tasty techtalk

Think about the set of cloud based audio tools, dedicated to the radio needs.


Keep all your files in one place in the cloud and process them there

Metadata is kept, while converting

Convert your files to whatever format you need and preserve all the metadata.

Automatic batch process chaining

Cut the silence, denoise, normalize, transcode between existing systems - without repeating the same process

GStreamer on board

Audio engine is build upon Gstreamer technology, using Opus codec 1.1


Depot keeps track of usage of your files, i.e. "how many times they were broadcasted?"

Seamless RadioKit integration

All of our products work as modules of one engine, and thanks to that - seamlessly integrate with each other

Use cases:


FM Radio for Lemko minority

Only community radio for Lemko people, operating in FM & DAB+. One of our oldest clients that we support for 8 years now..

They use our Horn, to mangage broadcasts from multiple places and schedule multiple programs for people on the other side of the globe.

On top of that - we built hardware for processing FM signal for them.


The only truly jazz radio in Poland

RadioJazzFM is a Warsaw based internet community radio that is focused on Polish jazz heritage.

RadioKit software provides them with the ability to connect live broadcast from different places, like concert venues, DJ's homes and of course their studio and fullfil the gaps with automated playlist or scheduled broadcasts.


Cybercartography & preserving cultural heritage

In 2016 with support of the IVF fund, we created soundmaps containing stories and field recordings of Budapest, Bratislava & Krakow. We didn't have to wait long for proposal to do that in other places.

At the moment we have 6 soundmaps and another 2 are upcoming this year

All the soundmaps are open for new contributions from phonographers from all around the world.


Legendary community radio from Zurich

This is really a specific use case of our systems: Create 75 streaming channels in two qualities each, i.e. 150 channels.

Besides curated channels on specific genres, each host has its own channel, with the option to go live and manage its playlist completely independently

Launching soon! (September 2017)


Expert-curated channels for dance music fans

Traxibes runs a platform of 22 channels, containing music curated by professional DJs from all around the world.

RadioKit Horn allows them to manage all the scheduled broadcasts, generate all the streams, and automatically fetch iTunes links for all the music tracks

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