On the 6th of October 2016 partners from 5 countries gathred and started a project „Celebrating solidarity“ through which they will promote, in Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Poland and Hungary philanthropy and examples of solidarity.

Project was exploring variety of turbulent times those countries and their citizens were facing, while celebrating and understanding the importance of solidarity and love to other human being in a word of conflicts and disasters. During one year (2016-2017), and across six countries, partners have directly involved 26.856 individuals, both young and elderly, volunteers and professionals, in exploring the issue of solidarity, channels and mechanisms of European solidarity, as well as responsibility, and common solutions.While exploring attitude of citizens about important social value of solidarity, special attention was aimed to youth population - over 7.000 youth shared their opinions on solidarity by online quiz and 12 focus groups. Results were encouraging, most of youth in all 6 countries is recognizing suffering of other people and have positive and proactive attitude. Development of virtual museum of solidarity attracted over 732.000 page views and provided huge audience and possibility to share of 27 edited stories of solidarity from 6 countries and many other content and information. We have interviewed various people who shared their stories and presented many examples of solidarity and inspirational stories of supporting people.

Project Activities Reports:

Preparatory Meeting Report
Research on Solidarity among young people in Poland
Web Content Development Workshop - Krakow
Solidarity festival in Serbia
Web Content Development Workshop Photos
Solidarity festival in Bulgaria
Solidarity festival in Macedonia
Solidarity festival in Albania
Report on the Conference "Solidarity in the times of crisis"
List of events
Project report

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